jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2011

If you want you can make me your home.

Hoy he descubierto viajando por youtube, como todos los días, una voz que me ha hecho emocionarme. No sabía qué canción escoger para el blog así que he elegido las dos más "positivas". Me ha enamorado con Once upon a street, me ha puesto la piel de gallina con Harder than easy y, cómo no, Black rain y Dreamers me han hecho soñar. Así que hoy solo estrofas de Jack Savoretti.

"So he said, "Where d'you think your going with that look upon you face Nowhere for you"
She said, "I'm going nowhere would you like to come too"
She said, "I'm going nowhere"
He said, "I would love to come with you"
Once upon a street, Jack Savoretti.
"Hold me close, don't let me go...
I will always love you the most.
Sing me a love song,
your my man,
Will you always love me the best you can?"
Harder than easy, Jack Savoretti.
 "Maybe one day you will know
How hard it is for me to show my heart
And all the love
Running through my soul
Maybe one day you will know"
One day, Jack Savoretti.
"Maybe I should learn to lose my inhibitions
and let my feelings make some noise
You don`t know what I`m going through
When silence is all I give to you...
(...) I love the way you hear the words unspoken
It`s like you read between the minds..."
Between the minds, Jack Savoretti.
 "She's always sitting on the side 
Waiting for the time of her life.
Hoping to find the reason..."
Him and Her, Jack Savoretti. 
"In the silence of your mind,
You should ask yourself
What it is that makes you who are
In the valley of your soul
You should take a walk, 
But you never go that far
(...) In the window of your past,
There's a broken pane
Reflecting all the things that make you sad
In the shadow of your fear
There's no hiding place
So why do you run there?
(...) In the church of all my dreams
I'll say a prayer
That one day you'll believe..."
Lovely fool, Jack Savoretti.
 "Take him to the bedroom
At the age of seventeen
For the price of her beauty
That most men will never see..."
Lucy, Jack Savoretti. 
 "Nothing's ever been this way before
a dream is just a dream 
and nothing more..."
Dreamers, Jack Savoretti. 

Música para sentir...


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